Gas Treatment

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OASE® sulfexx™ for selective sulfur removal

OASE® sulfexx™ is a highly energy efficient gas treating technology jointly developed by BASF and ExxonMobil, which helps refiners and gas processors to meet their sulfur removal targets while reducing carbon footprint. The new technology, featuring a new proprietary amine, selectively removes hydrogen sulfide from gas streams and is applicable to acid gas removal, acid gas enrichment and Claus tail gas treating units. OASE sulfexx provides a competitive advantage by increasing plant capacity and lowering investment and production costs.

OASE® connect - How we support our customers in real time

The new OASE® connect platform is the perfect tool to help you when designing your plant. Our new platform is the perfect solution for engineering partners and technical service centers of operating companies in the project design phase. It also benefits end customers who are operating plants in remote locations. The new platform combines three essential OASE® tools: The Design & Simulation tool provides relevant information to optimize your plant operations. While the Sample Analytics database stores all your solvent analysis results at your fingertips. And finally, the comprehensive Knowledge Center offers in-depth information on gas treating technology and extensive e-learning materials.

BASF customers save time, resources and money with OASE® connect with the CAPE-OPEN interface, when they design or optimize a production plant, which includes an OASE® acid gas removal unit. The CAPE-OPEN interface allows to embed OASE® connect into a process modelling environment, where you simulate the entire plant configuration. All changes made to operating or design parameters are automatically reflected in all connected downstream engineering steps. No manual data transfer, no time losses when you change parameters – start boosting your engineering workflow!

How did BASF develop OASE® connect? We listened to customers who operated their plants in remote locations near gas fields and wanted BASF experts on site for advice and support. The OASE® connect platform provides customers with real-time information to help optimize their plant operations, even from many miles away.

OASE®: Gas Treating Excellence by BASF

Cleaning gases is a special challenge -- and BASF masters the gas scrubbing with OASE extremely well. More than 40 years ago, BASF's success story of the gas scrubbing began. Today, BASF has realized about 400 reference installations for its customers -- from North Africa to the Arctic Circle. We are one of the world's leading companies in gas scrubbing. OASE convinces with its simplicity and it is good to be planned.

Clean Gas from Waste: Biogas and Biofuel by BASF Verbio

The film looks at biogas and its role as a major energy mix resource. In about four minutes, the film describes the increasing importance of biogas and BASF's contribution to making its use more efficient. BASF customer Verbio AG, Germany's leading biofuel manufacturer headquartered in Leipzig, Saxony, serves as an example.