Gas Treatment

Your leading Provider of Gas Treatment Solutions

As the leader in gas treatment we are the preferred partner for complex new gas plants. BASF‘s proven gas treatment technologies boast about 500 references around the globe from the deserts to the arctic circle including the world‘s largest gas treatment units. Production and storage facilities on three continents ensure reliable supply of quality solvents.

  • Under the OASE® brand, BASF provides customized, technologically superior gas treatment technologies
  • in traditional applications such as syngas and ammonia
  • in world-scale sales gas as well as onshore and offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities
  • in new applications such as biogas
  • in industrial production of carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • in developing markets for carbon capture and floating LNG.

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Longtime commitment and expertise for your success

In an effort to optimize its gas and ammonia plants, BASF developed its own gas treatment process technology in the early 1970s. After 10 years of experience and optimization at BASF‘s production facilities, the technology was marketed to our gas treatment customers worldwide.

During the 1990s, BASF obtained its first application of its technology in the LNG market and was quickly recognized as the preferred technology of choice for LNG and Sales Gas applications. During this period and subsequent years, BASF developed and extended its technologies further into new fields such as Flue Gas, Floating LNG, Refineries and other special applications, BASF now has an impressive record of over 350 reference plants operating around the world.

Launched in 2011, the OASE brand was created to bring together our full range of customized gas treatment technologies, high-performance solvents and comprehensive support services. OASE specializes in application-specific, cutting-edge solutions to even the most complex gas treatment challenges.

The continuous improvement of our technologies, their versatility for uses in new applications and a commitment to develop new and innovative solutions allows BASF to maintain technically superior competency and a leading market position to provide state of the art designs to complex customer requests.

OASE® is a registered trademark of BASF SE.