Gas Treatment



OASE® sulfexxTM for Selective Treatment

OASE® sulfexxTM is a highly energy efficient gas treating technology jointly developed by ExxonMobil and BASF, which helps refiners and gas processors to meet their sulfur removal targets while reducing carbon footprint. OASE® sulfexxTM provides a competitive advantage by increasing plant capacity and lowering investment and production costs.

OASE® purple for Natural Gas


Utilized in the removal of acid gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), the OASE® purple technology has proven its versatility and reliability in natural-gas applications.


OASE® white for Treatment of syngas, ammonia, HYCO

The state-of-the-art amine technology for synthesis gas, OASE® white has long been established by the market as the technology of choice for treatment of gases containing hydrogen (H2) and/or carbon monoxide (CO). 
Ölraffinerie 01

OASE® yellow for Selective Treatment

Developed to enable selective removal of sulfur components from natural gas as well as acid-gas enrichment (AGE) or tail-gas treatment (TGT) units, BASF's OASE® yellow technologies offer a range of solutions that meet our customer's specific project requirements.

OASE® green for Biogas


The OASE® green technology is based on chemical absorption solvents primarily targeted for biogas applications. It is characterized by an exceptionally robust performance on gas streams containing oxygen and/or olefins.


OASE® blue for Flue gas/industrial CO2

From the very beginning, OASE® blue was developed specifically as an optimized large-scale post-combustion capture (PCC) technology. BASF supplies customers with a customized technology package along with highly stable, low-maintenance innovative solvent solutions for specific applications. 
Gasaufbereitungsanlage Jakhira in Libyen / Gas Utilisation Plant (GUP) Jakhira, Libya

HiPACT for Special Applications

In partnership with JGC, BASF has developed a unique high-pressure gas treatment technology for high-pressure regeneration to allow for energy-efficient carbon capture and storage (CCS) applications, which is marketed under the HiPACT brand.