Mining Solutions

Rheomax® DR
High Performance Flocculants

The mining industry faces many challenges and issues relating to the ue of water and the impact of exploration, extraction and residue management, on the environment. 

These include minimizing reagent consumption and maximizing mineral recovery by improving the rate and degree to which solid liquid seperation takes place in thickening application.


Our advanced the range of flocculants create a high density and more robust aggregate compared to conventional products, which are effective on a wide variety of mineral one types. 

This change in aggregate shape allows for faster consolidation, high underflow densities and low underflow yield stress.

Rheomax® DR advanced flocculant have demonstrated the following benefits to solid liquid separation processes by enabling improvements to be made to thickener throughout, underflow density and yield stress.

Benefits Delivered by increased throughput:


Reduced capital expenditure

Operate at higher feedwell solids


Tolerate greater feedwell fluctuations

Underflow solids compact faster

Benefits Delivered by increased underflow density:


Improved recovery of leached metal

Improved recovery of concentrate


Increased CCD washing efficiency

Benefits Delivered by reduced underflow yield stress:


Run at higher underflow densities

Improved leaching kinetics

Reduced energy consumption


Increased CCD washing efficiency

Rheomax® DR Density & Rheology

Rheomax® DR is the advanced range of chemical aids for gravity based solid liquid separation processes, offering superior flocculating performance compared to conventional benchmark flocculants. Rheomax® DR is effective for many different kinds of ores, creating more robust aggregates. The flocculated particle structure improves compression and dewatering characteristics to give substantially higher underflow densities without compromising yield stress. 

The sustainability benefits are:

Improved water recovery

More water can be recovered at the thickener and be reverted back in the process.

Reduced need for fresh water

Less fresh water is needed for the operation and impact on local water availability can be reduced. Beyond that, Rheomax® DR shows strong performance also in saline environments and enables the use of sea water in mines‘ processes.


Less waste water

The volume of waste water to be discharged is reduced, and as a consequence the residue footprint is diminished.

Higher Efficiency

CCD washing efficiency is increased and recovery of leached metal is improved.

Energy savings

Energy can be saved due to reduced pumping pressure.

Cost savings

Savings in the cost of recovery or replenishment of process water can be achieved.