Mining Solutions

Flotation Reagents

BASF is committed to providing sustainable solutions to the mining industry.  Our technology and diverse range of chemistries supports creative and innovative applications for flotation, whilst delivering optimum performance for phosphates, precious and base metals, iron ores, and various industrial minerals.


Our flotation product portfolio offers operational, economic and environmental advantages to the Mining industry, such as reduced dose rates, higher recovery and improved GHS profile.  The Lupromin range includes flotation aids for non-sulfidic minerals as well-as frothers and modifiers for numerous flotation application.  Beyond the standard portfolio the BASF team develops tailor-made collector and/or frother solutions in collaboration with customers and supports test works in laboratories, pilot plants and industrial operations.  Contact BASF, and we will work with you to achieve the peak performance from your operation.


Innovative Solutions for Flotation

of Industrial Minerals