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Luproset™ Adjuncts

Adjuncts such as defoamers, depressants and activators allow for more control and increased efficiency in flotation circuits. BASF’s modifiers are used in a wide range of mining operations worldwide to enhance the efficiency of flotation operations.

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Carbon Depressants

Carbon can cause a wide range of issues in flotation circuits due to its hydrophobic nature and natural floatability.

  • Causes excessive froth presenting handling problems in the plant
  • Dilutes concentrate grade and reduces valuables recovery
  • Excessive reagents consumption and higher doses because organic carbon is softer, more porous, and normally has much lower grind size 
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Gold Activator

With the value of gold increasing to new highs, the challenge to improve the recovery of gold in sulphide ore deposits is significant to many operations.

BASF has developed a new generation of polymeric reagents which are able to reactivate the floatability of gold and sulphide particles

  • Proven performance in alkaline flotation circuits.
  • Complexes iron, inhibiting the ability to form hydroxides at the mineral surfaces
  • Improves the ability of the collector to perform its function.

BASF’s Gold Activator shows over 4 times the iron-binding capacity to that of conventional chelating agents, such as EDTA, in alkaline conditions.

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