Mining Solutions

Sustainability Profile
BASF Intelligent Mine

Performance Benefits 

Digital transformation - the BASF Intelligent Mine powered by combines expertise in mineral processing, ore beneficiation chemistry and industrial AI technology to improve operations.

The BASF Intelligent Mine powered by optimization applications (Apps) are "out of the box" solutions for specific processes within the mine to market value chain. These include, grinding, flotation, thickening, pipeline pumping and heap leaching.

Benefits are:

  • Increased process efficiency & productivity by use of “Digital Plant” Apps.
  • Brings stability and transparency to chaotic processes
  • Downtime minimised by prediction of stoppage events and the ability to avoid them
  • Minimisation of reagents and natural resources (i.e. Flocculant & Water)
  • Change of operating logic from reactive to proactive through use of prediction tools
  • Safe training environment for operators by use of a digital twin plant
  • Real time optimization for specific processes

Sustainability Benefits

  •    Cost effectiveness
  •    Higher Recovery
  •    Less Chemical Usage
  •    Lower Energy Consumption
  •    Emission Reduction
  •    Lower Water Consumption
  •    Reduced footprint