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The Aspiro P product range includes standard anionic PAMs: non-sulfonated (Aspiro™ P 4 series) and sulfonated (Aspiro P 5 series), suitable for mild and elevated temperatures (respectively); besides a newly developed generation of associative thickening polyacrylamide based polymers (Aspiro P 6 series) showing superior performance at a larger set of reservoir conditions. 

The associative thickening polyacrylamides are the next generation technology designed to give higher mobility control with lower dosage compared to standard polymers, due to the associative thickening effect generated by a small number of hydrophobic groups attached to a long chain hydrophilic polymer backbone. These functional hydrophobic groups are less sensitive to salinity compared to conventional EOR polymers. In addition, sulfonated moieties in the polymer contribute to its salt tolerance (up to 200,000 ppm TDS with 20 % hardness) and its thermostability.

A more detailed overview of our products can be found in the Aspiro™ brochure.