Gas Treatment

OASE® digilab: analytics in real-time

With OASE® digilab, you can continuously monitor the condition of your gas treatment plant and operate it with the optimal solvent composition. OASE® digilab works with trinamiX's near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR spectroscopy) solution. It combines a mobile NIR-spectrometer with data analysis (chemometrics) to qualitatively and quantitatively determine the composition of the sample. You can inject the samples from your plant directly into the digilab device and receive the analysis of the components within a few seconds.

Gas Treatment

OASE® digilab saves you time and helps you to run your gas treatment unit with the optimum treating solvent composition.  

OASE® digilab is easy in handling, quick and very precise

Wet-chemical methods for sample analysis do not allow you to analyze your activator content and the results often are not very precise. The alternative, more advanced analytics in our BASF laboratories in Ludwigshafen, Germany or Wyandotte, USA, takes some time. The new digilab method combines the best out of both worlds: It is easier in handling, quicker and very precise. 

Digital solutions go hand in hand 

OASE® digilab is linked to OASE® connect, our innovative, globally unique digital platform, which helps you to design the operation of your plants more efficiently. All sample analysis results are being saved in the analytics area of OASE® connect. This way, you can access your data anytime and we process the data on solvent composition to optimize the technology further.

BASF customers of the gas treatment business area can use the innovative, globally unique digital platform OASE® connect (photo) to design the operation of their plants more efficiently. It can also be used to store sample analyses, while at the same time users can learn more about gas treatment technologies with e-learning materials. Linked to OASE connect is the innovative OASE digilab tool, which enables real-time analysis of the gas treating agents used. This allows gas treating operations to be run particularly efficiently with the optimum treating agent composition in each case. Torsten Katz (left) and Agnes Dittel from BASF's gas treatment team helped develop the digital platform. With exactly 50 years of experience in 2021, BASF is one of the world's leading companies in gas treatment and offers customers from various industries efficient solutions for the treatment of different gases, for example natural gas, synthesis gas and biogas. Worldwide, these solutions are proving their worth for the company's customers in around 500 reference plants worldwide.

OASE® digilab is linked to the digital platform OASE® connect
– so you have all your sample analysis results in the same place.

How does OASE® digilab work?

Proven and customary reliability

We did a thorough testing and evaluation process starting in our lab in Ludwigshafen. We used OASE® samples from our customers all around the world to develop the method to where it is today. In a second step, we tested the device in a real plant, in an acid-gas removal unit in one of our ammonia plants in Ludwigshafen. As expected, the results obtained with OASE® digilab closely match the values with the traditional GC chemistry procedure.

OASE® is a registered trademark of BASF SE.