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High Performance Chemicals for Well Cementing

We offer a broad portfolio of specialty chemicals designed to support and enhance the cementing process. BASF’s state-of-the-art cement dispersants improve the slurry rheology such that long range pumping is greatly improved and at the same time water-reduced cement slurries are possible.


Fluid loss additives, which are stable against high temperatures and concentrated salt solutions, ensure a reliable cementing job under difficult conditions. BASF’s retarders can be synergistically combined with our highly efficient dispersants allowing for time critical cementing jobs under high temperature conditions. Our anti-gas migration additives prevent gas from channelling through the hardening cement and ensure a reliable cementing job. The BASF portfolio is completed by defoamers with outstanding foam control properties.

Application Areas



Recommended Products

Dispersants Polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers


Polycondensate-based dispersants

The standard dispersant for oil well cementing

Green dispersant

Liquiment® 1641F and 5581F


Liquiment® F-10X

Liquiment® K3F

Liquiment® Bio

Fluid Loss Control Additives Tailored blends for a variety of base applications

Fully synthetic polymers for demanding conditions
Polytrol® FL 29, FL 32

Polytrol® FL 34, FL 45,
FL 56
Gas Blocking Additives

Styrene-butadiene latex


Basoblock LD105, ND 614


Retarders Fully synthetic retarder for demanding conditions CemR-10, CemR-80
Defoamers Fatty alcohol alkoxylate Basopur DF 5, DF 9010 F
Spacer Fluids Surfactant blend DisPlus 39
Hollow Glass Microspheres Glass BasoSphere™