Oilfield Chemicals

Flow Assurance

The precipitation of paraffins, which are natural components of crude oil, may lead to challenges during production, transportation, or storage. Important factors influencing paraffin wax precipitation are: temperature, climatic conditions, cooling rates of storage tanks and pipelines, and rheological parameters in the pipelines.

Our Basoflux® portfolio comprises a range of specialty products taken from different chemical classes. It helps prevent paraffin-induced plugging of pipelines and improves the rheological properties of highly viscous, paraffinic crudes. Basoflux® products help to make your pipeline operations more effective, through avoiding pumping interruptions and reducing total costs.

Basoflux®: our range of polymers which function as pour point depressants, viscosity reducers, and paraffin inhibitors
  • Basoflux® PI and RD types are excellent PPDs and paraffin inhibitors
  • Mixing of PI and RDs could be synergistic
  • Cost / performance ratio of Basoflux® RD 5119/5120 M in many oils is superior to conventional products
  • Note: it depends on the oil / conditions for any one effect to be visible / necessary