Oilfield Chemicals

Paraffin Inhibitors

The precipitation of paraffins, which are natural components of crude oil, may lead to challenges during production, transportation, or storage. Important factors influencing paraffin wax precipitation are: temperature, climatic conditions, cooling rates of storage tanks and pipelines, and rheological parameters in the pipelines.

All Basoflux® products (PI and RD grades) act as highly effective paraffin inhibitors, with the following benefits:
  • Under the correct conditions, they prevent wax deposition on pipeline walls, by modifying the shape and size of paraffin crystals, so that the crystals stay dispersed and do not agglomerate
  • They have proven performance in a variety of crudes
  • By dispersing paraffins back into the oil, the potential waste stream is minimized. This creates additional revenues through increased sales volume (less pipeline downtime) and decreases disposal expenditure