Oilfield Chemicals


Demulsifiers are key components of production formulations which enable the quick separation of produced water from oil.

Separating oil from water can be very time critical due to short residence time. BASF offers a wide variety of demulsifiers from different chemical classes to help our customers make tailor-made, high-performance formulations. Demulsifiers from the Basorol® portfolio are especially designed for fast water dropping, drying and desalting.

Basorol® types are concentrated single products designed for use as components for demulsifier formulations.  In order to optimize the performance, it may be necessary to blend two or more of the different types from our range.

Basorol® types are classified into 5 groups:


Group 1: These alkoxylated butyl, amyl and nonyl phenol resins have the broadest treating range in all gravity crudes. Normally they are the predominant part of the formulation. The use of these resins allows lower treating temperatures.


Group 2 + 4: Are used to treat high gravity crudes, enhance interface, clean up and improve water clarity. High RSN value products wet solids and iron sulfides. These block polymers are often blended with the Basorol® Group 1 to improve interface and/or water clarity.


Group 3: They act as polishers, brighteners and finishing compounds. They can increase the speed of water drop similar to the amino polyols. The combination with phenolic resins is recommended to treat low to medium gravity crudes.


Group 5: These alkoxylated polyethyleneimines (PEI) are often used in combination with the Basorol® Group 1, especially in low to medium gravity crudes. They often lead to improved water clarity.