Oilfield Chemicals


In order to stimulate carbonate and sandstone wells, an acid treatment is pumped into the reservoir creating long channels (wormholes). These wormholes penetrate into the formation and allow oil and gas to migrate. 

Hydrochloric acid is normally used for this purpose. However, BASF offers an alternative acid for matrix acidizing which is also biodegradable. Baso MSA can solve your oilwell acidizing needs.

Baso MSA
  • Alternative acid to HCl in matrix acidizing
  • Different corrosion profile than HCl
  • Applied at neutral to alkaline pH (5-13)
  • Reacts with oxides and salts
  • Corrosion of steel is usually much slower than with acids
  • Benefit observed on high chromium steel
  • Corrosion rate 22Cr: 130°C, 24 hour, 15% MSA, 0.001 lb/ft2
  • Readily biodegradable OECD 301, 306, and 311
  • Cefas and NSF registered
  • Available as 70% active liquid