Oilfield Chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors

It is recommended to use corrosion inhibitors in acid treatments, e.g. matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, or in sand control treatments.  The use of highly acidic fluids leads to severe corrosion and BASF offers a wide range of corrosion inhibitors used as parts of formulations that protect metal components in the wellbore or in coiled tubing from the corrosive nature of the fluid.


Acidizing corrosion inhibitors must be able to mitigate corrosion in both low carbon alloy steels and high chrome steels, be stable in high acid concentrations and under high reservoir temperatures.   BASF’s range of corrosion inhibitors, Basocorr™, exhibits excellent inhibition on various metal types, under different temperature and in varying acid concentrations.  Additionally, in less severe conditions (e.g. lower acid concentration and/or lower temperatures) the Basocorr™ series can also be added directly to corrosive treating fluids to protect equipment.  

Basocorr™ PA
  • Propagyl alcohol
  • Versatile in varying acid concentrations
  • React in acid to form an oligomer that has film forming properties
  • High temperature stable
  • Liquid form
Basocorr™ PP
  • Based on propagyl alcohol, propoxylated
  • Highly biodegradable in OCED 302 B
  • Not labeled toxic
  • Reacts in acid to form an oligomer that has film forming properties
  • Suited for strong acids and high temperatures
  • Liquid form