Oilfield Chemicals

Asset Integrity

Microbial control in the oil and gas sector is important for safe and reliable operations. Biocides are utilized to control the growth of various types of bacteria. In particular, controlling the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) is critical for minimizing the formation of hydrogen sulfide.  BASF offers the Myacide® / Protectol® portfolio to help manage your microbial issues.


Myacide® / Protectol® are non-oxidizing organic biocides and function primarily by altering the permeability of the cell walls of microorganisms and interfere with their biological processes. Non-oxidizing organic biocides are less prone to cause corrosion than oxidizing biocides.

Myacide® GA / Protectol® GA
  • Glutaraldehyde - extremely potent antimicrobial with broad-spectrum of activity against Gram - and Gram + bacteria, SRB, yeasts and fungi
  • Fast-acting - ideal for water injection systems, topside applications and hydrostatic testing applications
  • Liquid form at 50%, 25% and 24% concentrations