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Our sales representatives are available worldwide for any questions you may have about BASF‘s Mining Solutions. 


Martin Edgar
Perth, Australia

India and Pakistan:

Abhay Kulkarni
Navi Mumbai, India

China and Taiwan:

Forest LI
Shanghai, China

Japan and Korea:

Martin Edgar
Perth, Australia

Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar:

Sumihar Sibuea
Jakarta, Indonesia


Aaron Gill
Melbourne, Australia

South Africa:

Angus Feather
Midrand, South Africa


Ali Akinci
Istanbul, Turkey


Hjoerdis Brockmeier
Ludwigshafen Gemany

Russia and CIS:

Pavel Alexandrov
Moscow, Russian Fed.

Russia and CIS:

Marius Stanciu Dabija
BASF SRL, Soseaua Pipera 43, 014254 Bucuresti, Romania


Robert Leary
Mississauga, Canada


Guillermo Fimbres
Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico

Rest of South America:

Gulden Ergun
Santiago, Chile


Gulden Ergun
Santiago, Chile

United States of America:

Robert Leary
Tucson, US


Zaira Guimaraes Duarte
São Paulo, Brazil