Mining Solutions

Sustainability Profile
LixTRA™ for copper leaching

Performance Benefits 

  • Improved metal extraction process, meaning more metal is recovered from the ore (5-50%*) offering the customer the option to significantly increase their extraction efficiency or mine less ore to achieve the same production level
  • Mining less ore minimizes the impact of mining on the environment: reducing energy consumption, air and noise pollution
  • LixTRA™ lowers lixiviant (chemical) usage (up-to 30% less*) having positive health and safety implications, lowering pumping (energy) costs, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Allows the customer to recover and recycle more water (up-to 10%*) and improve tailings handleability
  • Extend life of mine


* based on commercial trials 

Sustainability Benefits

  •    Cost effectiveness
  •   Higher Recovery
  •    Less Chemical Usage
  •   Lower Energy Consumption
  •   Emission Reduction 
  •   Lower Water Consumption