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Sustainability Profile
LIX® HS for copper solvent extraction

Performance Benefits 

  • LIX® HS products can be flexibly composed out of up-to 3 components, allowing for formulations to be customized to the individual customer’s process requirements 
    • Their broad operating parameters make them capable on both low- and high-grade ores as well as being suitable for arsenic-containing leach solutions
    • Their fast kinetics offer rapid copper uptake and copper stripping
    • Their high selectivity targets copper over other metals (e. g. Fe, Co, Ni, As, Mn) and also leads to very high iron rejection
    • Their low viscosity and density allows them to operate well at high reagent concentrations and low temperatures
    • They provide clean phase separation, low crud formation, have an excellent net copper transfer, support low entrainment and low transfer of contaminants
    • Together with an excellent chemical stability the LIX® HS products leads to solvent extraction operations running at maximum efficiency and low operating cost
  • Comparing LIX® HS blends to modified aldoximes, the above-mentioned benefits lead to lower consumption rates (and/or higher recovery) and better selectivity 


1 based on ton of valuable material produced

Sustainability Benefits1

  •    Cost effectiveness
  •   Higher Recovery
  •    Less Chemical Usage