Mining Solutions

Sustainability Profile
Luprofroth™ Frothers

Performance Benefits 

  • Customised formulations with defined froth characteristics to achieve superior flotation performance (e.g. recovery increase by up to 10%) at reduced dose rates and costs.
  • Benefits are obtained by maximizing frother performance across the range of properties that influence flotation performance such as bubble size, bubble coalescence, induction time and froth stability, which a single chemical is not able to do.
  • Safety and handling aspects are carefully considered during frother formulation:
  • All BASF-formulated frother products are classified (GHS) as a Category 4 flammable liquid with a flash point between 60°C and 150°C
  • This reduces the handling efforts that are prevalent with more flammable alternatives
  • We also strive to ensure that toxicity and ecotoxicity values are as low as possible

Sustainability Benefits

  •    Cost effectiveness
  •   Higher Recovery
  •    Less Chemical Usage
  •   Lower Energy Consumption
  •   Better Health & Safety