Mining Solutions

Sustainability Profile
Lupromin® Collectors

Performance Benefits 

  • Specific formulations tailored to individual customer sites, mineralogy and process conditions to optimize recovery (by up to 10%) and concentrate grade (by up to 2-3%) at lower dosage and cost
  • Improvements are achieved by enhanced dispersion through the feed, allowing more efficient collector performance and the ability to tailor adsorption characteristics towards the less hydrophobic minerals. These efficiency gains lead to better flotation performance: 
  • Phosphate collectors: better discrimination of apatite and carbonate improves the concentrate grade and reduces the downstream cost of phosphoric acid production
  • Faster flotation kinetics of the collector system reduce energy consumption
  • Safety and handling aspects are cautiously considered during formulation
  • Lowest possible toxicity and ecotoxicity solutions targeted

Sustainability Benefits

  •    Cost effectiveness
  •    Higher Recovery
  •   Less Chemical Usage
  •   Lower Energy Consumption
  •   Better Health & Safety