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Oilfield Chemicals

High Performance Chemicals for Oil and Gas Production

BASF provides a broad range of high-quality chemicals to help service companies meet their technical challenges in production services. By constantly improving the quality and reliability of our chemical solutions, we help service companies meet the industry’s overall drive for greater efficiency and productivity.

Flow assurance

  • Paraffin inhibitors / pour point depressants - improve cold flow behavior and help prevent deposits of paraffin crystals
  • Scale inhibitors- control inorganic deposits
  • Gas hydrate inhibitors - delay the formation of gas hydrate crystals
  • Dispersing / Cleaning agents - effectively remove organic or inorganic deposits from pipeline and equipment

Oil / water separation

  • Demulsifiers- help make efficient formulations that quickly separate produced water from oil
  • Water clarifiers / deoilers - remove oil from produced water
  • Defoamers - mitigate foam problems

Asset integrity

  • Corrosion inhibitors - protect steel parts for all production equipment and pipelines
  • Biocides - keep bacteria growth under control
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) scavengers - effectively reduce levels of toxic (H2S) gas to meet safety standards and tight pipeline specifications

Application areas and recommended products

Production Function Chemistry Recommended Products
FLOW ASSURANCE Paraffin Inhibitors / Pour Point Depressants Modified polycarboxylates

Polyacrylate / Polyvinylester blends

Basoflux® PI types

Basoflux® RD types

Scale Inhibitors Polycarboxylates Basoscale
Low Dose Gas Hydrate Inhibitors Vinylcaprolactam-based polymers Luvicap® types
Dispersing / Cleaning Agents Alcohol alkoxylates, alkylpolyglucosides Basoclean 80
OIL / WATER SEPARATION Demulsifiers Resin alkoxylates, amine alkoxylates, polyethyleneimine alkoxylates, ethyleneoxidepropyleneoxide

block copolymers

Basorol® types
Water Clarifiers / Deoilers High molecular weight charged polymers Alcomer® types, Basomin types, Basorol® types


Corrosion Inhibitors Amine blends, ammonium derivatives Basocorr types
H2S Scavengers Glyoxal


Basolon® types
Biocide Glutaraldehyde Myacide®, Protectol®