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Global Oilfield Chemicals offers a broad portfolio of specialty chemicals designed to support and enhance the stimulation process. Stimulation treatments are carried out to enhance or restore the productivity of a well. The increased productivity results from new flow channels from which natural gas and oil can be recovered from the targeted formation.


BASF offers product solutions such as Biocides to control bacteria in the fracturing fluid at the surface, for both continuous and batch-mix operations.  In order to protect metal equipment, Corrosion Inhibitors are often necessary in highly acidic conditions and in high saline environments. Friction pressure can be a concern during the pumping process, thus BASF’s Friction Reducers aid to increase pumping efficiency during hydraulic fracturing. Organic deposits such as paraffin, salt, or iron can be dissolved and / or inhibited by applying BASF’s Scale Dissolvers and Inhibitors. The viscosity of fluids can be controlled via Gelling Agents, while unwanted water is reduced by Water Control Polymers, all available in the BASF portfolio of our global solutions.

Application areas and recommeded products



Recommended Products


Methanesulfonic acid

Baso MSA



Myacide® GA types

Protectol® GA types

Corrosion Inhibitors

Acetylene derivatives

Basocorr types

Friction Reducers

Polyacrylamide-based polymers

Alcomer® types

Gelling Agents/ Viscosifiers Polyacrylamide-based polymers Alcomer® 889

Iron Control Agents

Amine-based oligo acetic acids

Basosolve types

Water Control Polymers

Polyacrylamide-based polymers

Alcoflood® 254S

Alcoflood® 955