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Global Oilfield Chemicals offers a broad range of high quality chemicals for oilfield applications to help service companies meet changing needs within the oilfield industry.

We supply a wide range of performance chemicals to every application sector within oilfield: drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production. Our solutions act as enablers for our customers to achieve maximum results in their oilfield operations.

We are constantly improving the quality and reliability of our products and strive for greater efficiency and productivity.

When it comes to drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production, BASF offers one of the most comprehensive chemical portfolios in the industry. Our proven strengths are innovative, sustainable solutions with consistent product quality. Best-in-class well site operations are essential to maximize recovery of oil and gas reserves while minimizing environmental impact. Specialty chemicals that bring unique capabilities and functionality are an integral part of this goal.

Products of Oilfield Chemicals

We can provide you with a broad range of highly efficient products around the globe. Our chemical expertise and innovation potential enable you to accelerate your success. Discover your possibilities with BASF.  

Product Range

Product Range



High Performance Chemicals for Drilling and Completion Fluids 


High Performance Chemicals for Well Cementing 


High Performance Chemicals for Stimulation


High Performance Chemicals for Well Cementing 


Tap into the emerging potential of enhanced oil recovery beyond existing chemistry... 

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