Oilfield Chemicals

Hollow Glass Microspheres

BasoSpheres™ - advanced technology for low-density cement slurries

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With unique combinations of shape and size, as well as lower density and higher compressive strength, BasoSpheres™ are made of engineered hollow glass microspheres. They offer superior strength to density ratios and prevent fluid loss and formation damage during well completion, whilst bringing numerous sustainability benefits.


Sustainability Benefits

BasoSpheres™ bring better pressure stability, which can lead to less formation cracking and reduced rework. This in turn leads to resource efficiencies and cost savings.

BasoSpheres™ can also bring health and safety benefits - cementing crews are less exposed to dust when using our products, increasing handling safety.

The larger particle size also leads to lower slurry rheology, which means less energy should be required for pumping.

BasoSpheres™ bring multiple advantages to your lightweight cement slurry:

  • Good compressive strength
  • Ball-bearing effect for improved flow
  • Enhanced mixability
  • Minimized fluid loss
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Reduced wait-on-cement time
  • Predictable density reduction
  • Prime range for intermediate to deep wells


Sustainability benefits can include:
  • Cost Savings
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Health & Safety