Oilfield Chemicals


Surface active additives in the cement slurry can cause foaming, which may result in pump cavitation and loss of suction head during cementing. Additionally, slurry densities can be changed by air entrainment which makes accurate slurry volume calculations impossible. 

Basopur DF 5 and Basopur DF 9010 F provide outstanding foam control. These products are well proven foam suppressants for a variety of oilfield applications such as drilling, cementing, and production operations.

Basopur DF 5 a foam suppressant with additional features:
  • Foam control for biopolymer-containing muds and slurries in oilwell cementing, fracturing and acidizing applications
  • High temperature stable (up to 500°F) which makes it ideal for high temperature applications
  • Highly salt tolerant (up to 32% salt) in a variety of slurry compositions
  • In most slurries, the common dosage is approx. 0.1% by weight (0.35 ppb) or less
  • Non-hazardous
  • Available in all regions