Oilfield Chemicals


Increasing depth and horizontal extension of wellbores today poses new challenges for the flow properties of cement slurries. Low viscosity at low water-to-cement ratios (slurry yield) is one major need. It allows for the reduction of horsepower requirements and also reduces friction pressure, minimizing lost circulation. Dispersants, which are also known as friction reducers, thinners, or turbulence inducers, serve this purpose.


The Liquiment® product range includes our state-of-the-art cement slurry dispersants for use in a wide range of oil field applications. While lowering the slurry viscosity, rheology is greatly improved for long-range pumping. Furthermore, it is possible to deploy cement slurries with reduced water-to-cement ratios, which results in a high compressive strength for the hardened cement.

Liquiment® 1641 F: 
  • Greatly improves the flow properties and manageability of all kinds of cement slurry compositions commonly used in oilwell cementing
  • Stable rheology is achieved with significantly lower dosage than standard dispersants
  • Has a secondary function as a retarder
  • Has a temperature stability up to at least 250 ºF
  • Salt tolerance up to 18% NaCl
  • Leads to reduced shrinkage effects during hardening of the cement
  • Often used in CaCl2 accelerated cement slurries where otherwise false set problems are commonly observed

Liquiment® 5581 F represents the next generation of the most effective cement slurry dispersants:
  • Unlike the 1641 F, Liquiment® 5581 F has only a minor influence on thickening times
  • The low retardation compares to basic dispersants like NSF-based resins Interacts synergistically with Fluid Loss Control Additives, e.g., Polytrol® FL 34

Liquiment® K3F is a state of the art cement slurry dispersant for use in a wide range of oilfield applications:
  • Can be used in conditions of 40 to at least 350 °F Superior performance in salt-loaded cement compositions, including saturation
  • Improves the pumpability of all types of commonly used slurry compositions
  • Also acts as a mild retarder - at low and moderate temperatures to about 140 °F
  • Often used to improve performance of some other additive types e.g., fluid loss additives like HEC or synthetic polymers
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous (see MSDS prior to use)
  • Free-flowing powder
  • In most cements, the common dosage of this product is less than 1%

Liquiment® F-10 X is a standard cement slurry dispersant. It has been highly successful in for decades.
  • Helps to reduce the apparent viscosity
  • Helps to improve the rheological properties of a cement slurry
  • Easy mixing
  • Low friction pressure during pumping
  • Turbulent flow at lower pumping rates
  • Can be used in slurries with reduced water/cement ratio
  • Can also contribute to improve the performance of other additive types such as fluid loss control additives like HEC or synthetic polymers

Liquiment® Bio is our biodegradable oil-well cementing dispersant.
  • Biodegradability according to OECD 306 - BOD28: 38%; BOD91: 67%
  • Non-toxic to marine organisms
  • Performance compares to Liquiment® 3KF
  • Low cement retardation compared to lignosulfonates or polyaspartic acid
  • Better dispersing properties than lignosulfonates
  • Thermo stable at least up to 200 °C