Oilfield Chemicals

Dewatering Additives

Water-based drilling fluids can be disposed of in an environmentally acceptable and more cost effective manner when they are first separated into an aqueous phase and a sediment phase. It is well-established that solids, in particular fines and ultra-fines, can cause severe problems in drilling fluids when allowed to accumulate. These solids can be controlled to a limited degree through the use of mechanical equipment such as shale shakers, desanders, desilters, mud cleaners and centrifuges.


These types of equipment will effectively remove solids down to approximately the 3 μm range. Below this particle size, the effectiveness of mechanical equipment is greatly reduced. If allowed to continue to accumulate, solids below the 3 μm range can cause rheology issues, decrease penetration rates and formation damage. To effectively remove these fine solids, it is recommended that certain chemicals, specifically polymeric coagulants and flocculants, be used in conjunction with mechanical equipment.

The Alcomer® series of polymers contains both low molecular weight cationic coagulants and a wide range of molecular weight nonionic, anionic, and cationic flocculants. Dewatering agents are used to clarify low solid drilling fluids. They cause colloidal particles in suspension to group into aggregates, allowing the solids to separate out of the drilling fluid.

Our superior Alcomer® range of multifunctional dewatering agents has numerous benefits when used in drilling systems.

One of the superior product that is offered in our range of dewatering additives is Alcomer® 24.

Alcomer® 24 is designed to flocculate water based drilling muds or sludges. In particular, it is useful where drilling muds wastes are thickened or in applications of dewatering that use mechanical equipment. The product operates over a wide range of pH and due to the bead form exhibits fast dissolving rates with an excellent final solubility profile.


Alcomer® 24

  • Alcomer® 24 is consistently effective at lower dosages and therefore less product is required compared to competitive products
  • Ease of handling microbeads over powder
  • Improved product solubility, easier to dispense and dust control
  • Alcomer® 24 is the only product needed in clean water drilling