Oilfield Chemicals


Essential additives which establish the right carrying capacity to move cuttings and other debris away from the drill bit, help maintain the correct pressure in the borehole, and lower filtration. In most muds, either the incorporation of bentonite, drilled solids, or a combination thereof, will help achieve a barrier to fluid loss by forming a thin filter-cake in the annulus of the well.

We offer a range of viscosifiers varying molecular weight, ionicity, and product form to address different requirements. Polyacrylamide based polymers are especially effective in freshwater environments.
(See also Bentonite Extenders).


Building suitable viscosity in Oil Based Invert Muds can be especially challenging as a primary viscosifier such as amine treated clay takes several circulations to build maximum viscosity and yield. This limits the ability to add weighting material and initial hole cleaning.

Given a correct formulation, polymeric viscosifiers such as Alcomer® 274  yield quickly and provide immediate carrying capacity which speeds up operations and saves costs.

  • Attapulgite based viscosifier
  • Used in high temperature, high salinity clear-water drilling operations
  • Powder form