Oilfield Chemicals

H2S Scavengers

Operators are faced with several major challenges when producing gas containing H2S. These include safety, environmental, regulatory, and operational concerns. There are a variety of solutions available for the removal of H2S from gas and crude oil streams. One of the most common is the use of low molecular weight H2S scavengers. Basolon® products can react selectively with H2S in the presence of CO2 to help eliminate the hazards of H2S. 

Basolon® GL 40, our glyoxal H2S Scavenger offers the following benefits:
  • Glyoxal is more efficient than triazine
  • No precipitation of calcium scale from glyoxal brine solutions Glyoxal has very good high temperature stability; there is no decomposition until temperatures exceed 150 ° C (onset of exothermal reaction)
  • No formaldehyde as a by-product