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Paraffin Inhibitors


Our Basoflux® portfolio contains high performance products that help you to effectively manage paraffinic crudes. 

Basoflux® can prevent paraffin-induced plugging of pipelines and improve the rheological properties of highly viscous, paraffinic crudes. They function as pour point depressants, wax inhibitors, and dispersants. Our products help to make your pipeline operations more effective, through avoiding pumping interruptions and reducing total costs. 

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Oilfield Chemicals Webinar on Paraffin Inhibitor Dispersions

How to solve paraffin challenges

It’s no secret that paraffin inhibitor dispersions often lead to challenges such as product instability, plugged pumps and blocked chemical injection systems. We develop dispersions that overcome these challenges, and even bring additional sustainability benefits.

Watch the recording of the live webinar and benefit from the recommendations of global experts to solve your paraffin challenges. 


Basoflux® PI 1019 and PI 1020
  • New and novel hyperbranched polyester products
  • Varying modified carbon chains
  • Applied as stand-alone products, or in great synergy with other Basoflux® grades
  • Exceptional performance

Basoflux® PI 3120
  • Polyacrylate product that complement all other Basoflux® grades

Basoflux® PI 40, PI 41 and PI 45
  • PI 40 and PI 41 mainly function as deposition preventors and have excellent performance in a wide range of crudes
  • PI 45 is a new and novel development that has a much broader carbon chain distribution and inhibits a broader range of paraffins

Basoflux® RD 5119T and RD 5120T
  • Function as PPD’s or deposition prevention 
  • Excellent performance in a wide range of crudes
  • Do not contain toluene and the solvent is naphthalene-depleted, which assures access to markets where toluene is regulated and cannot be imported
  • Have a higher flash point than toluene or xylene, this provides easier handling, re-packing, blending and handling in general will be less hazardous

Basoflux® PI 6320
  • New and novel dispersion product based on our PI 3120
  • The micelle particles are 100–150 nm resulting in a very thermally stable product
  • Winterized till minus 20°C and can be further winterized till below minus 40°C by adding glycol