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- Go with the flow, go with the flux!

Our portfolio of high-performance, high-quality paraffin inhibitors have proven effectiveness in multiple applications worldwide.

Read on to find out more information about how your Basoflux® journey could start today.......

The effect of paraffin in oil and gas production

In oil & gas production, the formation of paraffin crystals can cause unwanted production challenges, that often lead to reduced production volumes or production downtime.

These challenges can include….

  • paraffin deposition in downhole production wells, leading to a gradual build-up of wax that restricts the flow of oil
  • increased viscosity in oil transportation systems such as pipelines, which slows down the flow of oil
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How Basoflux® products can help!

To help customers mitigate these challenges, BASF Oilfield Chemicals have developed a portfolio of high-quality paraffin treating chemicals under the Basoflux® name. They:

  • are known to be high-performing products, providing optimal paraffin mitigation
  • can be used effectively in various applications, and have solved many challenges around the world
  • have a proven track record in the industry for effective and superior performance!

Bringing Innovation

BASF has developed new, innovative products that meet stringent application requirements.

We have tweaked molecules to reduce the melting point of polymers, while maintaining the same performance.

Additionally, new winterized dispersion products have recently been developed to achieve much lower temperatures, and successfully launched into the oil and gas industry.

Basoflux® PI 41T, a globally recognized paraffin inhibitor, has been winterized to -40C/F into an aqueous stable dispersion named Basoflux® PI 6410.

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Technical Support

In every paraffin related project, the applicable crude oil will need testing to determine which Basoflux® products perform best, and to formulate the end solution.

How BASF works with you from a technical aspect will depend on your needs:

Option 1 

You can choose to do this formulation work by yourself, in which case we will send you a Basoflux® test kit and our experts will offer support to ensure you develop a best-in-class solution.

Option 2 

Alternatively, you can request that BASF does this formulation work for you. In this case, we will send you an IATA canister + return box, for you to collect the oil in and send to our laboratory.


BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future.

With this in mind, our innovative products have been developed with sustainability as a key contributor. 

For example, the new Basoflux® Dispersions allow customers to use much less solvent than usual at lower temperatures. This leads to cost savings, and resource efficiency, as less product is used overall. ​

This also leads to a reduced carbon footprint in the application, as less products and transportation is required.

Basoflux® Dispersions also allow customers to use less harmful solvents, which contributes towards the health and safety of workers.​


Supply Chain

Once your solution has made it through the field trial and you’re ready to order regular Basoflux® supply, BASF can support you by evaluating optimal stocking points to reduce lead times.

Selected Basoflux® products are already in stock at various locations around the world.

Discover the Basoflux® portfolio 

Check out our products below, or contact us to speak to one of our sales reps and start your Basoflux® journey!

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Basoflux® PI 1019 and PI 1020
  • New and novel hyperbranched polyester products
  • Varying modified carbon chains
  • Applied as stand-alone products, or in great synergy with other Basoflux® grades
  • Exceptional performance

Basoflux® PI 3120
  • Polyacrylate product that complements all other Basoflux® grades

Basoflux® PI 40T, PI 41T and PI 45
  • PI 40T and PI 41T mainly function as deposition preventors and have excellent performance in a wide range of crudes
  • PI 45 is a new and novel development that has a much broader carbon chain distribution and inhibits a broader range of paraffins

Basoflux® RD 5119T and RD 5120T
  • Function as PPD’s or deposition prevention 
  • Excellent performance in a wide range of crudes
  • Do not contain toluene and the solvent is naphthalene-depleted, which assures access to markets where toluene is regulated and cannot be imported
  • Have a higher flash point than toluene or xylene, this provides easier handling, re-packing, blending and handling in general will be less hazardous

Basoflux® PI 6320
  • New and novel dispersion product based on our PI 3120
  • The micelle particles are 100–150 nm resulting in a very thermally stable product
  • Winterized till minus 20°C and can be further winterized till below minus 40°C/F by adding glycol

Basoflux® PI 6410
  • New and novel dispersion product based on our PI 41T
  • The micelle particles are ~200 nm resulting in a very thermally stable product
  • Winterized till minus 38°C and can be further winterized till below minus 40°C/F by adding glycol