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High Performance Chemicals for EOR

BASF combines expertise in polymers and surfactants by offering its new range of Aspiro products, designed to support enhanced oil recovery operations in a large variety of field conditions, including more challenging and previously untapped reservoirs.


With primary and secondary recovery methods the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from an oil field is limited to about 20 - 40 %. By using tertiary recovery methods, also referred to as enhanced oil recovery (EOR), additional original oil in place that has been bypassed can be further recovered, usually 30 to 60 %. Within a range of different EOR methods, the injection of chemicals (chemical EOR) is among the most attractive because of the significant amount of incremental oil that could be produced by their use.

As the leading chemical company, BASF is well positioned to ensure a reliable supply of both, polymers and surfactants in large volumes. With global presence and an EOR dedicated development and application Laboratory in Houston/US, BASF can provide oil companies with tailor chemical solutions for specific field conditions.