Gas Treatment

OASE® blue for Flue Gas and Post Combustion COCapture

OASE® blue

From the very beginning, OASE® blue was developed specifically as an optimized large-scale carbon capture technology. BASF supplies customers with a customized technology package along with highly stable, low-maintenance innovative solvent solutions for various carbon capture applications. With low energy consumption, low solvent losses and an exceptionally flexible operating range OASE® blue is the paramount technology for use in flue gas carbon capture from sources such as fossil power generation plants, steam reformers, waste incinerators or even the cement industry.

Distillation column in the L-Menthol production plant at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site, Germany. 
BASF operates the world's largest production plant for L-Menthol. It uses a unique and highly efficient process that ensures products of the highest quality.

CO2 Capture For Utilization

BASF Gas Treating Excellence provides CO2 capture solutions that support applications ranging from enhanced oil recovery (EOR), urea production and food grade CO2 production facilities. The OASE® technology portfolio has a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to the meet customer-specific needs to provide a high purity CO2 product available for commercial utilization.

Improving CO2 Capture with OASE® aerozone

The OASE® aerozone is a proprietary and patented design proven to reduce aerosol driven emissions and amine losses from the CO2 capture process. Tested for over 54,000 hours, the configuration has the capability to achieve very low emissions levels even in the presence of high amounts of aerosol particles in the flue gas.

Continuing Innovation

Although commercially available, BASF continues the innovative development of the OASE® blue process. Testing is aimed at process optimizations to further reduce the costs of CO2 capture and further reducing solvent consumption. BASF in collaboration with engineering partners has thus far been awarded over 15 million USD in funding from US Department of Energy.

OASE® is a registered trademark of BASF SE.