Mining Solutions

Product Overview

We offer an extensive range of mineral processing reagents for solid-liquid separation, solvent extraction, flotation, dispersing, agglomerating and others.

The new product finder tool provides an overview of our portfolio and allows our customer to identify the best product for their application needs.


Standard Flocculants


BASF's Magnafloc® range of floccuants and coagulants are used extensively whenever the extraction process uses water or lixiviants to aid mineral and metal recovery. 
High Performance Flocculants

Rheomax® DR

The mining industry faces many challenges and issues relating to the ue of water and the impact of exploration, extraction and residue management, on the environment. 
Tailings Management

Rheomax® ETD

Enhanced Tailings Disposal is a method of Tailing Management in which novel technolog is used to change and control the structural and drainage poperties of mineral processing residues.
Alumina Flocculants


BASF supplies a range of products and services to improve the efficiency of Bayer alumina refining at our customer’s operations. 
Flocculant Preparation / Dosing Equipment

Jetwet® / Aerowet® / Alcotech®

BASF’s worldwide customer engineering function offers design, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services to meet our customers’ on-site requirements.

Solvent Extractants

Alamine® / Aliquat® range of solvent extractants

A range of high-purity, water-insoluble amines used to extract, recover and / or purify metals such as uranium, vanadium and molybdenum.

LIX® range of solvent extraction reagents

BASF has an extensive range of copper selective oxime solvent extractants

Solutrix™ - Dispersants

Along with other important slurry properties that affect the grinding of mineral slurries, such as solids concentration, particle size and temperature, the use of dispersants in grinding has a significant influence on slurry rheology.

Solutrix™ - Antiscalants 

While scale formation can often be greatly reduced by the appropriate use of BASF Solutrix™ antiscalants, sooner or later there is nearly always a need to remove existing scale. 

Flotation Reagents


Using Lupromin® series results in significant performance advantages and dose efficiency compared to commonly used products in flotation. This results in a better grade-recovery profile and a more profitable operational curve.



Innovative Alcotac® organic binders are used in a wide variety of mineral-substrates to improve agglomeration processes. 

Leaching Aids


To meet these challenges in the copper industry, BASF Mining Solutions have developed LixTRA™ Technology for Heap and Dump leach processes.