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Adsorbents for Gas Treatment 


BASF offers the widest portfolio of adsorbent technologies for a broad spectrum of applications in industries such as refining, petrochemical, chemical, and gas processing. The BASF portfolio includes proprietary alumina, silica, aluminosilicate gels and a broad line of base metal oxide guard bed materials.

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Margaret Greene
Margaret Greene
Global Market Manager

Natural gas treatment for LNG production 


BASF has been serving the natural gas treatment industry for over six decades, starting with the production of Sorbead® aluminosilicate gel materials in Nienburg, Germany in the 1950's. Since this time, Sorbead® has been used for pipeline conditioning and underground storage in hundreds of plants world-wide. Relying heavily on the knowledge and experience gained serving the gas treatment industry with Sorbead®, BASF launched the Durasorb™ portfolio of products to serve the LNG industry. With this long history designing adsorbent plants for gas treatment, BASF brings a different, but proven approach to solve some of the biggest challenges in LNG pre-treatment.

With its Durasorb™ and OASE® portfolio for gas treatment, BASF provides products and technologies to serve the full pre-treatment train for LNG production.

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BASF offers a metal oxide adsorbent for the removal of mercury from gas and liquid streams.

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BASF offers an innovative combination bed design to solve the issues commonly associated with molecular sieve dehydration. Durasorb™ Dehy technology provides longer lifetimes than standard molecular sieve dehydrators and is suitable for retrofit applications.

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C 100 Studio. Selexsorb / Katalysatoren

Heavy hydrocarbons (C6+) in the feedgas are not readily removed with molecular sieve materials. These impurities pass through the traditional pre-treatment line-up and cause freezing in the cold section. Durasorb™ HRU removes heavy hydrocarbons, reducing or eliminating downstream freezing and allows for a smaller dehydration bed.

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Durasorb™ LNG MAX is an innovative technology that combines heavy hydrocarbon removal and water removal performance into a single unit. This approach eliminates the need for a separate unit to remove heavy hydrocarbons and solves the problem of downstream freezing issues.

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Sustainability Solutions

BASF Catalysts and Adsorbents portfolio has been used to reduce harmful emissions from gas plants, refineries, and petrochemical plants throughout the world. Sorbead® is used to dehydrate CO2 for Carbon Capture and Storage. BASF Catalysts for sulfur removal are used in some of the largest Sulfur Recovery Units in the world. Proven experience, superior products, and world-class technical service set BASF apart from competition and make BASF your partner of choice for sustainability. 

Sorbead - CO2 dehydration for CCUS

Catalysts for sulfur removal (SRU)

  • Conceptual studies
  • Basic design and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) support
  • Performance warranties
  • Debottlenecking and revamps
  • Troubleshooting and operation optimization
  • Training and on-site support
  • Sample analyses