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Today, the future of the uranium industry looks favorable with an expected increase of uranium needed to meet global energy demand. Uranium inventories are currently at manageable levels; however, the pressure to create low-cost, high-purity stockpiles is increasing.


BASF, through its Mining Solutions business team, is committed to supporting the growing demands of the industry and maintaining its leadership role in the manufacture and supply of uranium solvent extraction (SX) products and technology. In particular BASF’s Alamine® 336 reagent allows customers to vastly improve their solvent extraction process by reducing costs, reducing the use of nitrates and chlorides, while increasing their capacity to produce a high quality uranium product.

Due to BASF’s uranium technical expertise, BASF’s technical representatives can help our customers address specific technical issues to improve the rate of recovery and concentration of uranium.  This support is available through all BASF Mining Solutions offices worldwide.

Alamine® range of solvent extractants

Uranium solvent extraction is accomplished using Alamine® 336 (a mixed C8/C10 tertiary amine) and an alcohol solvation
modifier in a kerosene dilutent.

Benefits include

  • Selectivity for uranium over other metals and minerals (e.g. vanadium, molybdenum, zirconia, cobalt and gold)
  • Proven technology, used for over 50 years