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Innovative Alcotac® organic binders are used in a wide variety of mineral-substrates to improve agglomeration processes. Organic binders help to reduce the level of impurities and emissions.

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Agglomeration of finely grained minerals and dusts is widely employed in the mining industry. The addition of binders is often critical to prevent break down of the agglomerates during processing.

BASF markets synthetic organic binders under the Alcotac® brand name. Alcotac® organic binders have been successfully applied in the industry since more than 30 years for agglomerating a wide variety of mineral substrates.

BASF has developed a dedicated portfolio of highly efficient products which provide unique solutions to the mining industry. 

Alcotac® Benefits:

Substantial reduction of bentonite usage at very low Alcotac dose levels ( < 200 g per ton of ore)

Good pellet growth properties by improved moisture control

Improved balling properties with increased amount of pellets meeting target size requirements. This results in imrpoved capacity utilization of the pellet plant with less materail being rejected by the roll screens.

Bentonite – Alcotac mixture tailored  to meet all relevant pellet performance criteria  while reducing the level of silica impurities

Being mostly organic by chemical composition, Alcotac leaves no or very low inorganic matter during induration  in the iron ore pelletization process.

Improved metallurgical parameters of the fired pellet (e.g. reducibility by increased prosity and better use of the reducing gases; reduced silica impurity in the pellet)
Increased production efficiency  in both the agglomeration/induration and steelmaking processes and a decrease in coke consumption.