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BASF’s solid liquid separation range includes flocculants, coagulants and dewatering aids that are employed across a diverse range of applications, including thickening, clarifying, filtration and centrifugation. BASF’s expertise in polymer chemistry has resulted in a long history of innovation with market-leading brands such as Magnafloc®, Drimax®, Alclar®, Rheomax® DR.

Core products such as Magnafloc® and Alclar® flocculants are used in thickeners and clarifiers to enhance settling rates, improve clarities and reduce underflow volumes. When used in filtration processes, Magnafloc® and Drimax® reagents increase filtration rates and yields together with reducing cake moisture contents.


The advanced range of ATBS based flocculants create a high density and more robust aggregate compared to conventional products, which are effective on a wide variety of mineral ore types. This change in aggregate shape allows for faster consolidation, high underflow densities and low underflow yield stress.

BASF offer a total package for all your solid liquid separation needs that includes reagents, equipment for chemical delivery, storage, preparation, dosing and dose control, together with novel process technologies and a wealth of application expertise.


  • Lower dose, improved water quality and higher density tailings
  • Faster rehabilitation of tailings and higher water recovery
  • Comprehensive portfolio, incl. polymer preparation and dosing equipment
  • World class experience, Global footprint, local service