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Alamine® BASF currently offers three

Alamine® reagents for metal solvent extraction applications but has

the capability to produce other tertiary amines if the need should


Alamine 304-1

Alamine 308 

Alamine 336

Aliquat® Aliquat® is used for
  • Recovery of molybdenum from acidic sulfate leach liquors
  • Recovery of vanadium (+5) from acidic leach liquors
  • Rare earth separations
  • Removal of arsenic from copper refinery electrolytes

Aliquat 175

Aliquat 336TG

Aliquat HTA-1

Alclar® The Alclar® range is specific to the alumina industry and includes flocculants for use in thickeners, washers, super-thickeners, hydrate thickeners and green liquor filtration. Products also include dewatering aids and crystal growth modifiers.

Alclar 3000

Alclar 5000

Alclar 600

Alclar 661

Alclar 662

Alcotac® Organic binders used to agglomerate a wide variety of mineral substrates. For example, the Alcotac® FE range is specific to iron ore pelletisation as a full or partial replacement for bentonite.

The Alcotac® DS trade name is also applied to a range of universal dust suppressants.


Alcotac CB6

Alcotac CB8

Alcotac CS

Alcotac FE14 

Solutrix Polymeric dispersants, rheology modifiers and scale inhibitors for use in a wide variety of mineral processing systems.

Solutrix™ 11

Solutrix™ 100 

Solutrix™ C 

Solutrix™ A40

Solutrix™ D

Solutrix™ E 

Drimax® Highly effective surface active agents specifically designed to reduce the moisture content of filter cakes and centrifuge solids.


Drimax 1234

Drimax 1238

Drimax 1239

LIX® The LIX® range consists of solvent extraction reagents that form water insoluble complexes with various metallic cations.

LIX® reagents are used for the extraction of metals such as copper, germanium, molybdenum, nickel and palladium.

LIX 622N

LIX 63

LIX 84-A 

LIX 84-I


LIX 860-I 

LIX 860-IC


LIX 964N 



LIX 9790N

LIX 984 

LIX 984N

LIX 984N-C


Lupromin® Non-metallic flotation collectors used to recover phosphate, barium and niobium. BASF also offer silica collectors aimed at the calcium carbonate, barite, fluorspar and feldspar industries.


Lupromin FP 18 AS

Lupromin FP 199 

Lupromin FP A 711

Lupromin FP A 721

Lupromin FP B 715 

Lupromin FP N 315 

Magnafloc® A range of synthetic flocculants and coagulants designed for a wide variety of mineral processing applications: e. g. thickening, clarification, filtration and centrifugation.

Magnafloc 10

Magnafloc 24

Magnafloc 1011

Magnafloc 155

Magnafloc 156

Magnafloc 1737

Magnafloc 333

Magnafloc 336

Magnafloc 338

Magnafloc 345

Magnafloc 351 

Magnafloc 380

Magnafloc 455

Magnafloc 504

Magnafloc 525

Magnafloc 5250

Magnafloc 611

Magnafloc 919

Magnasol® Flocculants and coagulants available as liquids or in a solid block form that are ideally suited for remote locations where electricity is not available and hence can eliminate the need for reagent make-up equipment.


Magnasol 572
Rheomax® Combines a range of advanced flocculants (Rheomax® DR) and an innovative approach to Tailings Management (Rheomax® ETD) to provide novel solutions to the mining industry’s pain points. In particular, challenges that relate to the use and recovery of water, process optimization, improved recovery of metals or minerals, minimization of land footprint and faster rehabilitation of that land.

Rheomax DR 1010

Rheomax DR 1030 

Rheomax DR 1040 

Rheomax DR 1050

Rheomax ETD 9010

Rheomax ETD 9030

Rheomax ETD 9035 

Rheomax ETD 9050

Rheomax ETD 9060

Rheomax ETD 9070 

Rheomax ETD 9075