Mining Solutions


Standard Flocculants

BASF's Magnafloc® range of flocculants and coagulants are used extensively whenever the extraction process uses water or lixiviants to aid mineral and metal recovery. 

Bergwerk, rund, Silo, Biogas, Biomasse, Anaerob, Biomass, anlage, digester, Industrie, Methan, Silagebehälter, Alternative Energie, Kanister

In thickeners and clarifiers, the products are designed to enhance settling rates, improve clarities and reduce underflow volumes. When used in filtration processes, Magnafloc® reagents increase filtration rates and yields, as well as reducing cake moisture contents. 

Magnafloc® flocculants and coagulants have a broad applicability throughout the industry and are available in a wide variety of product forms, including powder, bead, solution and liquid dispersion.