Mining Solutions

Alumina Flocculants

BASF supplies a range of products and services to improve the efficiency of Bayer alumina refining at our customer’s operations. Our mining solutions address water, energy, soda and chemical efficiency as well as issues in production capacity and sustainability.


researcher working on the computer with the periodic table of elements / scientist consulting on the digital tablet data of the chemical element Aluminum Al

BASF has developed products and dosing systems specifically for the challenging caustic conditions of Bayer alumina refining. BASF solutions are used in milling, digestion, clarification, mud washing, liquor filtration, precipitation, hydrate thickening, evaporation and hydrate filtration.

ALCLAR - A range of synthetic flocculants developed specifically for the flocculation of red mud in the manufacture of alumina by the alkaline digestion of bauxite  (Bayer Process). Flocculants for use in decanters, washers and hydrate thickening are available.