Mining Solutions

Flocculant Preparation / Dosing Equipment

BASF’s worldwide customer engineering function offers design, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services to meet our customers’ on-site requirements.


We offer equipment for storage, mixing, dosing and process control for a number of applications and, if desired, provide a complete turnkey operation to ensure process efficiencies are maximized.

Benefits Customer Engineering Systems 

Jetwet®   Aerowet®   Alcotech®


  • Polymer preparation and dosing systems custom-designed by the polymer experts for specific needs and applications.
  • Engineering, installation and maintenance offerings available to facilitate trouble-free commissioning and operation of the equipment.

Service Model


  • Flexible business model to accommodate unique customer needs.
  • Combination of a new polymer system and polymer product supply helps access greater savings.
  • Account representatives are all trained on polymer systems to help customers ensure pro-active peace of mind.
  • Systems are engineered to last over the life of a mine.
  • Alcotech® dose control systems help optimize chemical applications allowing for overall lower chemical consumption.
  • Patented polymer hydration systems
  • Bespoke and Modular design with each project where systems are engineered to unique environments, spaces and footprints.
  • Horizontal and vertical continuous polymer preparation systems eliminate the need for batch tanks and accelerate polymer hydration.