Mining Solutions

Sustainability Profile
Alcotac® for Iron Ore Pelletization

Performance Benefits 

  • For Iron ore pelletization: Substantial replacement of bentonite (by up to 60%) with small amount of Alcotac® CS without compromising on the mechanical properties of the pellets
  • Lower sulphur dioxide emission in the induration process (by up to 25%)
  • Improved metallurgical properties improve productivity and lower energy consumption in iron making process
  • Higher throughput / increased efficiency of the pellet plant (5-10%)
  • Alcotac binders can be also used as a replacement ot cement to produce briquetted/extruded agglomerates of recycled steel mill fine particles (BREX) as a substitution of raw materials in iron making
  • Significant increase in BREX metal content 
  • Reduced fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions
  • Minimize slag volumes to be sent to land fills and its associated costs

Sustainability Benefits

  •    Cost effectiveness
  •    Less Chemical Usage
  •   Lower Energy Consumption
  •   Increase in Recycling
  •   Emission Reduction