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Sustainability Profile
Rheomax® DR for thickening applications

With innovative products, global field support and industry leading technical expertise, BASF Mining Solutions provides sustainable solutions which offer major operational, environmental and economic benefits in mineral processing increase productivity, recovery and flexibility throughout the mining operations including leaching, solvent extraction hydrometallurgy, flotation, solid/liquid separation, agglomeration and many more tailings management.

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Performance Benefits 

  • The Rheomax® DR range of flocculants create a high density and more robust aggregate compared to conventional products, which are effective on a wide variety of mineral ore types. This change in aggregate shape allows for faster consolidation, high underflow densities and low underflow yield stress
  • Benefits are 
  • Improved water recovery (up –to 70%*; up-to 20%**) at the thickener to be reused in the process, leading to less fresh water consumption 
  • Less volume of waste water leading to a lower residue footprint and less evaporation of water at the Tailings dam
  • CCD washing efficiency is increased and recovery of leached metal is improved
  • Energy can be saved due to reduced pumping pressure
  • Decrease in chemical consumption compared to standard PAM (up to -20%**)
  • Ability to perform in highly saline and high iron environments where conventional chemistry doesn’t work


*compared to natural settlement
** compared to standard aPAM

Sustainability Benefits

  •    Cost savings
  •   Lower Water Consumption 
  •   Lower Energy Consumption
  •   Higher Recovery
  •    Less Chemical Usage