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Sustainability Profile
Rheomax® DR for thickening applications

Performance Benefits 

  • The Rheomax® DR range of flocculants create a high density and more robust aggregate compared to conventional products, which are effective on a wide variety of mineral ore types. This change in aggregate shape allows for faster consolidation, high underflow densities and low underflow yield stress
  • Benefits are 
  • Improved water recovery (up –to 70%*; up-to 20%**) at the thickener to be reused in the process, leading to less fresh water consumption 
  • Less volume of waste water leading to a lower residue footprint and less evaporation of water at the Tailings dam
  • CCD washing efficiency is increased and recovery of leached metal is improved
  • Energy can be saved due to reduced pumping pressure
  • Decrease in chemical consumption compared to standard PAM (up to -20%**)
  • Ability to perform in highly saline and high iron environments where conventional chemistry doesn’t work


*compared to natural settlement
** compared to standard aPAM

Sustainability Benefits

  •    Cost savings
  •   Lower Water Consumption 
  •   Lower Energy Consumption
  •   Higher Recovery
  •    Less Chemical Usage